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      Have you ever felt like…

      …you can't learn a foreign language because you took a Spanish class or two in Junior High or High School, and when you were done you couldn't remember half of what you learned, let alone carry on a conversation with someone in Spanish?

      …you must have a learning disability when it comes to learning Spanish because you have bought books, other programs, and even some songs in Spanish and you still can't carry on a fluent conversation?

      …you just want to learn to become conversational in Spanish but you can't even fathom the idea of sitting in some class for 5 months, flogging your way through a bunch of conjugations at some break-neck speed that you have no control over?

      If so, You're Not Alone! It's not you that has a learning disability! It was the method that was being used to teach you!

“This is the third Spanish program I have purchased and the least expensive and the only one that's actually teaching me Spanish. It is fun and I'm learning faster then I ever thought possible. Keep up the good work!”
-Peter Eberle , Yakima, WA

      What you're about to experience was created over 10 years ago by David Clark, President and Founder of the U.S. Institute of Languages®. After living extensively in Spanish speaking countries, he returned to the US where he earned his Spanish Degree and became a University Spanish Instructor.

      As he taught, he became increasing frustrated because while his students would successfully learn the course materials, they still could not converse in Spanish with a native speaker. As he researched other courses he narrowed the problem down to one fundamental problem. Most Spanish courses teach Spanish backwards!

      They spend so much time focusing on grammar rules, verb conjugations, vocabulary and structure that they never get around to actually teaching you how to converse in Spanish. David knew that there had to be a better way!

      The Visual Link Spanish™ course is this "Better Way"! It is the result of over 8 years of research and development. It teaches you to build thousands of combinations of correct sentences in many different settings, using an easy simplistic approach.

      Check out this screen shot from the first lesson in the course.

Visual Link Spanish™ V 4.0
Visual Link Spanish™ Lesson 1

      The unique structure and teaching method allows students to concentrate on actual sentence construction, not just memorizing individual words and grammar rules.

“I've studied Spanish in classrooms, through books, online, and with CD programs, and yours is absolutely the best I've ever seen. It is the most user-friendly, and uses the best techniques for implanting the language into the mind. I'm learning much more, much more quickly, than before. It is definitely worth the money.”

-James Trotter, Private Investigator, Fort Myers , FL

      Since the creation of the course, thousands upon thousands of people in over 65 countries worldwide have successfully used Visual Link Spanish™ to become conversational.

      And -- as you can see -- we have filing cabinets bursting with testimonials from people just like you… whose lives were suddenly and dramatically changed forever. Just because they set aside their natural skepticism long enough to check this out for themselves.

      Now -- we've made some fairly bold claims about how fast you will be able to converse in Spanish and now it's time to prove it to you!

      To get the first lesson, simply click on the button below, and you'll be able to take the first lesson right away.

Learn Spanish Free

     Our free sample Spanish lessons covers the following areas: Sentence Building, Greetings, Survival Expressions, Grammar, Numbers, Locations, Becoming Acquainted, and more...

     We look forward to assisting you in finally becoming conversational in Spanish.


      The Visual Link Spanish™ Team

What People are Saying...

   "Back in my school days I had French classes on a regular basis. I knew people who spoke French but I never seemed able to grasp a second language.

   In one month, I have learned more in Spanish then 35 years in trying to learn French! That is all from the way you teach in the program."
Len Corkum
Ontario, Canada

   "After struggling with about 6 or 7 different books I discovered your course. I love it. I never dreamed I could have learned this much in this short time.

   I am now on lesson 7 and I am amazed at how with each new lesson you see some of the words from previous lessons and you actually remember them."
Kathy Mininger
Sellersville, Pennsylvania

   "Visual Link Spanish™ is fantastic!!! I learned more in one night than I did in the two courses I took at a local college. No kidding!

   Your lessons make it so easy to not only learn but retain what you learn with little effort. I also have other tapes I've used over the last few years and they can't compare with yours. Now I know I'll learn Spanish after many frustrating previous attempts.

   Thanks for a wonderful product that really does what it says it will!"
Donna Lebo
Homosassa, Florida

   "As a lawyer involved in a large number of international business transactions, I was quite keen on finding a Spanish program that would suit my needs. After trying 2 or 3 other programs, I discovered the U.S. Language Institute's Spanish program. I was speaking basic sentences within hours and adding new vocabulary all the time. Thank you so much!"
Dexter B. Dombro, President
Responsible Planetary Concepts
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

   "Whilst I am only on the 3rd audio CD, (7 more to go) I find the exercises they contain and the little tests are just fantastic for being able to commit the spanish language to memory.

   The Interactive CD's are also fantastic. I am impressed that the course caters for not just learning to speak the language, but enables me to write and pronounce the language accurately as well.

Thanks for putting such a great course together."
Paul Cannard
Queensland, Australia

   "I had to let you know how much I am enjoying my Spanish course!!! I tried the Berlitz course and always found myself becoming bored very quickly. I have the basic knowledge of Spanish, but was always unable to put sentences together.

   I am only on lesson 3 and already am able to communicate with my Spanish friends. They're absolutely amazed at how well I am doing in such a short time. Your course is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so much."
Beverley Bolianaz
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

   "I love this program. We live in Mexico and I am with Spanish speaking people all day. I have tried improving my Spanish with tapes and books but with a lot of frustration and lack of structure.

Your program offers everything! The whole program--seeing, listening, reading, and interactive learning in different ways is very practical. Thanks!"
Nancy Lundgaard

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